Roger Cibella, President, was employed in Seattle private-independent schools from 1980 until 2006 as teacher and administrator. For sixteen years he served as Director of Admission, Financial Aid, and Advancement at University Prep. Prior to that time he worked at The Northwest School for eight years and briefly at The Bush School and the Overlake School.

While at University Prep he reviewed thousands of applications from students attending public, private and parochial schools before selecting who to enroll. He understands school personalities, learning and teaching styles, and the types of graduates each school produces.

In addition, he has served on board committees, coordinated large admission events, was a member of the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) national advisory board, supervised numerous staff and volunteers, and he taught history and English.

Since 2005 he has served as Seattle educational consultant, private, independent and public school counselor, and college counselor sharing his perspective with you. His goal is to use his wealth of knowledge to help families search for the best matched schools, and give students the best possible advantages as they go through the admission process.

Roger Cibella is dedicated to working with each individual applicant. He knows that different students present different strengths and challenges. As he gets to know his clients he is determined to match students to the most appropriate schools.

Roger is a member of HECA, PNACAC, and SACC. He is an associate member of IECA. In addition he served on The Meridian School's Board of Trustees and other school committees for seven years, and on the Explorer West Middle School Advisory Council for three years.

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