Searching for the right college or university can be an overwhelming task for many families. Our supportive services can help you navigate through the approximate 5000 institutions of higher learning across the United States.  We are here to help you with everything from developing a college list to fully supporting you with your applications.

All of our work together is hourly which allows you to choose how you’d like to collaborate.  Some families have multiple needs and wish to begin with an initial in-depth assessment in which we get to know the applicant’s academic background, interests, accomplishments, activities, and needs and go on to get support through every step of the college admission process.  Other families select to meet one or two times and focus on a particular aspect or two.  Whatever you choose we are here to ensure you that our combined efforts minimize every family’s stress and worries while maximizing potential for admission success.


     Meetings might include all or one of the following:

    • Freshman?  Sophomore? Junior?  Senior?  If you have questions about which classes to take, which extracurricular activities to pursue during the school year and during summer, we can assist you. We can help you sort out activities, classes on college campuses, internships, etc. 
    • Developing a list of colleges to apply to.  This requires a minimum of five hours in which we interview the student and the parent(s) separately, and review transcripts and any testing.  We seek to understand your expectations for college placement; evaluate student strengths, challenges, needs, and ideals that include academic, athletic, artistic, and the social/emotional arenas.  Only then can we present a list or schools that best matches the student’s profile.  Additional meetings might include how to research colleges on-line, adding additional colleges, subtracting colleges, and narrowing your list so that you have a reasonable number to apply to and one that reflects individual students’ preferences for reach, possible, and likely admission.
    • Development of application timeline for junior and senior years including a standardized testing plan.  We can also refer you to private tutors to help students prepare for admission testing. 
    • Preparation for college visits.  Visits take time and cost money. Make the most out of your visits.  Let us help you focus while visiting campuses.  We teach you want to look for, what kinds of questions to ask, how to speak with admission officers, and how to positively advance yourself.
    • About to visit with college reps at your high school or college fair?  Let us help prepare you.  As you’re learning about colleges, reps are learning about you.  We can help you project your very best traits.
    • Developing the college resume.  Collating all of your activities in a readable college resume can help with your applications and interviews.  Let us help you craft your resume so it is useful to admissions.
    • Are you a recruitable athlete?  We’ve worked with several students recruited and accepted to colleges, including many Ivy League schools.  We can suggest activities to be involved in during the school year and summers; how to make contact with coaches; etc.
    • Interviewing? Is it best to interview on the college campus?  With an alum?  During a college fair?  Let us help you sort out these options and prepare you for your interview.
    • Brainstorming application essay questions.  Crafting, reviewing, and providing feedback on college essays. We help you work within the confines of questions asked to create the best possible applicant profile.  After you draft we provide feedback to ensure you are submitting the best applications possible.  We will go through as many drafts as needed so you present your very best self. 
    • Determining the best ways to communicate effectively with admission officers. What do they want to hear from you, and what don’t they want to hear?  We guide you every step of the way.
    • Review college options prior to enrollment.  When you have more than one option you want to ensure that you are selecting the best possible college match.
    • Working the wait list.   Should you receive a wait list offer from a college and really want to attend, we’ll help you communicate best with admissions.
    • Other needs?  Our extensive background allows us to help you in multiple ways.  Some examples include art supplements, scholarships, and completing the FASFA and CSS profile for financial aid.

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