Cibella & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to helping students discover the schools and colleges that best match their needs. We thoroughly and thoughtfully guide families step-by-step through the application and school selection process. Our highly individualized, personal, and supportive approach ensures students find the best school fit.

Today families are presented with many school choices including a competitive private independent school and college market. Deciding between various options can be confusing and bewildering. All school brochures and Web sites promote safe, happy, comprehensive schools that show students engaged in academic, artistic, and athletic activities. Students appear happy, enthusiastic, and well behaved. So how do you decide which schools to apply to?

Many families rely on consultants to go beyond the promotional materials and assist with school selection. Selecting the best matched program is one of the most important gifts you can ever give your child.We have formed our opinions and gained our knowledge after more than thirty years working in private independent schools as administrators and teachers.

Our role is to serve as your counselor, coach and advocate as you find your way thorough the complexities of choosing schools and colleges and applying to them. We begin with an initial assessment. Some of the next steps include the process of applying, campus visits, interview techniques, and assessment of your options. We finish our job once students are placed. Our practices are guided by the highest professional principles. Please contact us to learn more about our educational counsulting services.



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